Storage, Backup & Recovery

Azure in Germany–a complete EU cloud computing solution

With my earlier article Azure in China, it came in to my interest to look for any other country/region specific independent cloud data center requirements.  I came across Azure for US Govt(Similar to Amazon Govt Cloud) instance and Azure Germany…
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Azure CosmosDB – a multi-model, multi-API for highly scalable applications

Azure Cosmos DB is the next generation globally distributed multi model database from Microsoft. Cosmos DB has been built from scratch in mind with efficient global distribution and horizontal scalability aspects as the core. Azure Cosmos DB guarantees single-digit-millisecond latencies…
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All you need to know about Microsoft Azure Stack(Azure on On-Premises

Typically it is a hype among people that if a product comes from Microsoft, it needs to be criticized and thinking Microsoft would only be promoting their products with Azure. That’s not right and I would say we are being…
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